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More About Pharus Journal

Mission & Goals

We founded Pharus Journal with the goal of providing a platform for high school students to exchange, share, and discuss STEM ideas. I hope this place can motivate you to become more curious, committed, and joyful in your learning voyage.

About Us

Blake Ma

Chief Operative Officer, Team Leader

Hey guys, I am Blake and I am the team leader of Pharus Journal. I work with the whole team and improve the overall quality of this big STEM community. Besides Pharus Journal, I enjoy running, reading, and video gaming. 

Blake Ma.JPG

Danny Yu

Chief Editor

Hi I’m Danny Yu, currently a junior in high school. I’m the chief editor of Pharus Journal and I oversee editors for selecting and editing articles for publication. Outside of Pharus Journal and STEM, I like sports, gaming, and food.

Toby Sun

Co-Founder, Chief IT Officer

I am currently studying in Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science(PRISMS). I am from Beijing, China. Toby is creative and curious. He is interested in Mathematics and loves to play sports during his free time. He believes Pharus Journal can provide a great platform for high school students to become young scientists.


Derek Days

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief

My name is Derek Days, a senior at Noble and Greenough School, and I am the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of the Pharus Journal. I organize the article selection process and final review, as well as handling submissions. Beyond Pharus, I love studying biology, math, and the classics.

Kevin Zhao–Co-Founder, Counselor
Stella Zhang–Editorial, Marketing
Irene Wu–Website, Editing
Angel Jiang–Marketing
Jerry Ren—Marketing
Grace Zhan—Editing

Edward Cheng–Editing
Hubert Chen–Marketing
Jasmine Wang–Marketing
Tom Wan–Marketing
Steven Zhao—Editing

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