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2023 Spring issue is available!

Linda Li: A Functional Enrichment Analysis of Revealed Deregulation of Neuronal Cell Project in Cri-du-Chat Syndrome

Patrick Bruskiewich & Emma Yao: Kepler’s Third Law and the Milky Way Galaxy

Sheng Chun Chang: Tunable Reflectance Based on Phase Change Metamaterial for Structural Color Filter

Zhe Zheng: Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Approach of Infertility in Chinese Traditional Medicine

Thanks to Linda Li, Patrick Bruskiewich, Emma Yao, Sheng Chun Chang, and Zhe Zheng for their contributions! It can be viewed in the Issue section.

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June, July, and August issues are available!

Bohan Zheng: When Economics Overweighs Law in GATT: Case Study of Japan – Alcoholic Beverages and Korea – Alcoholic Beverages Yibo Cheng: Auxiliary Manipulator based on EMG Signal and Wireless Control

Starting March with Submitting Papers to Pharus Journal

Happy 2023, we had 3 issues last year which was a great success and milestone for our team. Now, we welcome everyone who is interested in STEM to submit their papers, poster, and lab report. Please fi

September Issue Is Available!

Shengying Zhao: Forecasting Coke’s Price by Combination Semi-parametric Regression Model Sheng-Chun Chang: An “Artificial Leaf” that can Generate Oxygen and Electricity Aitong (Ivy) Li: Predicting Dys


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